Amazon Wish List for Teachers





For the 2023/24 school year, the PTSA is continuing the Amazon Wish List for Teachers program, a successful replacement of the Apples for Teachers program.  Each teacher will create a list of basic items that they need for their classroom to make their day-to-day job easier. The link will be posted in their Google Classrooms and on this website shortly after the start of school. Teachers will update their list throughout the school year.


When you buy items from their list, they will be shipped to the school, removed from the wish list and the teacher will be notified.  If for any reason you choose to buy it separately, please let the teacher know, so they can remove it from the wish list. 


Questions? Contact Gisela Galan or our PTSA President, Christine Chant, or the teacher. 



Thank you for supporting our Teachers, Staff & Programs


Heather Applegate

Ana Berver

Daryl Bilandzija

Brandon Carroll

Joann Cho

Kim Crosby

Paul Cyhanuik

Paul Fang

Tyler Fernandez

Sam Finder

Karl Geckle

Tara Georgenes

Meleeneh Hairapetian

Rebecca Hassan-Elsaadany

Amanda Hernandez

Dao Humphreys

Emily Hunter

Mike Kauffman

Anthony Keithley

Kathy Koo

Daniella Laset

Michelle Laska

Andrew Mendoza

Susan Moore

Dr. Nam Okeke

Lucy Pelletier

Brian Redmond

David Romero

Jonathan Saavedra

Melanie Sos

Matthew Sullivan

Chelsea Wild

Monique Willshire

Dan Yoder


Staff & Programs

College & Career Center (Kelly Proctor)


Melissa Kukta A, E-J 

Tiffany Fung B-D

Susan Maljian K-Ma

Tricia Goldsworthy Mb-R

Kandy Basmajian S-Z


Information Resource Center (Danielle Murr-Pinsker)

Instrumental Music (Munday, Stone, Svetich)

Peer Support (Rachel Zooi, Dan Yoder)

Wellness Center (Beth Mumper) 

Wrestling (Justin Luthey)

LCHS 7/8 Teacher Wishlists




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