The La Canada Chinese Parents Association 



La Cañada 华裔家长会宗旨架起一座学校与家长沟通桥梁,为华裔家长了解和参与学校各项活动提供信息和渠道。





The La Cañada Chinese Parents Association is committed to bridging the gap between parents and school.


We are committed to promoting community involvement by running various school related events, and aiding student run events. We are committed to providing parents and students important information about schools, education, local internships, volunteering, and many more! 



Contact: Lola Dietrich  张娜


PCY: Paris Chen, Xiangju Li, Rulin Wang, Carrie Hetzel, Summer Zhu and Linli Liu

Why join the PTSA?

The La Cañada High School PTSA connects parents to principals, teachers and student leadership by building strong educational partnerships. When you purchase an annual PTSA membership, you become a part of a bigger movement to benefit our kids and support families!

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Important News

Check-In Policy for Visitors on Campus:

A safety policy is in place for all visitors/volunteers coming onto the LCHS campus. Visitors and Volunteers need to sign in at the front office and get a visitor badge before entering the school. Please note, if you are attending a PTSA Meeting you may proceed directly to the meeting and sign-in at the meeting. Any visitors on campus without a badge may be asked to leave.