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PTSA Board Members

The LCHS PTSA executive board members for the 2022-23 school year are shown below. You can also see past board members for the following years: 2021-22, 2020-21, 2019-20 and 2018-19.



President - Christine Chant -


1st Vice-President of Programs - Jame Abrahamian & Holly Biondo -


2nd VP of Ways and Means - Valerie Talbert & Christa Evans - 


3rd VP of Volunteers - Dede Cook, Yanick Henry-Edwards - 


4th VP of Communications - Rachel Chan - 


5th VP of Hospitality - Homeira Ashgari & Mona Massabki - 


6th VP of Membership - Karen Clark & Amber Franklin - 


Recording Secretary - Emily DiPetrillo - 


Corresponding Secretary -  Betty Bredemann - 


Treasurer - Jeannie Chang - 


Financial Secretary - Jenny Lee & Joyce Mayne - 


Auditor - Mikki Weightman - 


Historian - Tamar Tujian - 


Parliamentarian - Kelly Davis - 


Executive Board officers must be a member of the PTSA for at least 30 days at time of election, support purposes and policies of PTSA, should have effectively carried out previous PTSA responsibilities, have knowledge of the organization, be willing to give PTSA priority and commitment including attendance at meetings and must be fair, objective and concerned for the well being and best interest of PTSA and be a team player.

Nominating Committee:   this committee is elected at least two months prior to the election and consists of PTSA members who are aware of qualified potential nominees, familiar with eligibility requirements and qualifications necessary for the offices to be filled, and willing and able to devote adequate time to the responsibilities involved and maintain confidentiality.

Interested in volunteering to serve on the Executive Board? Contact for more information.